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Meet the Team

I am a Food Scientist with a Masters' degree in Food Science. I am passionate about food and enjoy cooking tasty food. I have met many young professionals who can hardly find time to make dinner. I thought i could help by creating simple, delicious recipes that only take 30 minutes, including prep and cook time. Just like you, I do not have much time to prepare my meals at home everyday. So i decided to come up with a few simple recipes where i can prep, cook and sometimes even clean in 30 minutes. My friends and family loved it when i shared the recipes with them, which inspired me to start this blog. I hope many people can be benefited from following this blog. You don't have to be a chef to cook restaurant-style food. Enjoy your home-cooked food by simply following this blog!

Connie Muniandy

Recipe Developer

I am a photo-lover. I always feel I am lacking in words to express my feelings. But a good picture is worth a thousand words. So to me, photography is a tool to help me capture irreproducible special moments, tell a story that is difficult to put into words and remind me of little things that are long forgotten. Nothing reveals reality better than a photo. Like in a restaurant, pictures on the menu help you to make up your mind on what you want to eat. In this blog, Connie and I are working together to present you a real and fresh viewpoint of the food world.

Huijin Zhang